Kub Konekt

Established in the year 2013, our vision is to provide good mentoring through edutainment. Our target audiences are the young minds in our society, parents and guardians who need to keep their kids busy in the right direction, as well as organizations who have consistent interactions with the young minds. At KUB KONEKT we provide fun that is engaging

Young Engineers

The young engineers club is open to ages 3-15 years. It brings STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The difference between u s and other STEM programs is our hands on approach and the gradual building of processes from one level to the other. Creative and innovative skills are seen with each model built. The younger ones also learn to build their fine motor skills. Register Now!


The photography club brings put the creativity in the young ones which encourages critical thinking, which is a very important skill the young minds will put to use in now and in their sphere of influence. Our photography club will definitely keep the young minds creatively engaged. Open to ages 8-19 years, we run after school programs, weekend and holiday programs, events and workshops. The club also offers photography services: photo books for kids events, school yearbooks, class photos, etc. Register Now!


The Etiquette club(4-19 years) will sharpen the social, dining and leadership skills. With creative methods the young minds are prepared to connect with the society through the right influences. Register Now!